A Love/Hate relationship with CSS

Colorful Ride

Colorful Ride

This week I have been coding using CSS. I have learned how to change font- family, color, background, add links and images to my website. Those were the simple things. I wanted to go the extra mile and took it upon myself to learn how to create navigation bar ;).


At the beginning of the week I was having a hard time understanding some properties of CSS.  It took me two days before anything actually made sense. I’m pretty sure it was because my 8 month old daughter is crawling now – at least that is my excuse and I am sticking to it. I realize this is just the first of many more challenges to come. I have to keep reminding myself that “I’m learning a new language”.


Class & Id’s along with floating are by far the most complicated CSS commands. However, I have met some great classmates on Mightybell that help me out if I get stuck. For the record I did get them to work. It just took me longer than I had hoped.:)

cross browser say what? #geektalk


Boiler plates over here, boiler plates over there…. aaahhh! One of my many assignment this week was to fix a ‘cross browser’ issue. To do this I was provided a Cross-browser boilerplate and told to add it to my code. If any issues arose I had to fix them. #troubleshooting already are we?


My thoughts on CSS thus far are.


CSS is cool but it’s mean. I have a love/hate relationship with it and as my instructor at Skillcrush.com said “CSS…It’s complicated”!


Finally, I wanted to share a great article on “which programming language you should learn first”.


Embrace Change

Embrace Change by:Erin Orr

It’s time to buckle down! I am ecstatic to let everyone know that I am now enrolled in a Web Development Blueprint program. woohoo!


This class is offered by Skillcrush.com. There are many different choices when it comes to learning how to code. I have learned so much about technology over the past 30 days. I have reached information overload! That is a good thing, I suppose.  I am looking forward to applying my creative energy to the many web applications I will soon develop. The sky’s the limit in this field.

When searching for the right class, I had to consider the following things.

  • Flexibility. It is very important since I have children who still depend on me. With his course I can day or night, and at my own pace.
  • Being cost efficient is also a big deal. The money I put into this class is well worth the knowledge and skills I will learn in return.
  • The class material is very informative and easy to understand. 

I have also realized how important networking is in this field. 

There are a ton of ways to build up your connections in the tech industry.  Below are some of the venues I have considered:


  • Meet-up! I searched locally for mothers who want to learn how to code or are already on their path of coding. By doing this we will be able to share the experience and help one another.
  • Blogs, blogs, and more blogs….If you don’t have one, start one! You can connect with other bloggers who are sharing their experience.
  • Tweet! Twitter is known for connecting people around the world. 

If learning to code interest you please do what I did, and go for it! 

Don’t wait for someone to ask you to do it. Be the leader. The right time is now. Lets connect!


Leaning In

Today I am wanting to shed light on “Lean In”, the book I am reading. First and foremost, I am thoroughly enjoying the book.  It is a great read and I have gained a large amount of knowledge about leadership roles in America.  It has opened my eyes to the need of women leaders for our great nation.  My favorite quotes from this book is “Careers are a jungle gym, not a ladder.”  This was a a saying used at Googlewhen they were a startup.  The author also speaks of a poster hanging on the walls inside Facebook that stated, “Done is better than perfect”. I will forever remember this quote while ‘hacking my education’. I tend to be OCD about things and this is a reminder that it doesn’t have to be perfect… Just do it! 
The key points that stand out for me thus far are as followed. 
  • Having confidence in your leadership abilities.
  • Working with your peers to break the gender bias. 
  • Taking a leap of faith to do what it takes to become the leader you want to be. 
  • Learning to withstand criticism is a necessity for women and learning to control emotions. Although she suggest that you do let your emotions show on some issues that you feel passionate about. 
For those that do not know Sheryl Sanburg is Chief Operating Officer (COO) at FacebookOne of the 14% of women that are in leadership.  She dedicates two chapters to family and husbands.  Making sure your marriage is 50/50….bragging rights… I got lucky or as I tell him, he got lucky 😉 My partner in life does help with family, leadership roles, chores, homework, cooking and bills, etc. This of course on top of his full-time career and part career where he is a Professor at UMUC and now my mentor.  I feel as though I married Superman! So that makes me Superwoman right?! 
So am I leaning in? I believe so.. There is no perfect time to lean in.. you have to have faith.  I am creating my own opportunities right now by #hackingmyeducation at 33 because I want to challenge myself.  Moreover, a career in coding and help change the future of education for myself and my children. I am now curious about every aspect of coding. Here is a good article on why stay-at-home mothers should learn to code.  And I am even more motivated now that I have a daughter.